Howard Middleton

HoMi baking

Ramblings of an amateur baker.

Howard Middleton

A bit about me

I don't have a sweet tooth.  Maybe that's unusual for a baker but there - I've said it now.  I am partial to the bittersweet crack of a good crème brûlée but generally I prefer herby, crispy, cheesy, spicy, nutty flavours.  And I love trying out different flavour combinations and seeing if they work. 

But of course I don't just bake for myself.  A huge part of the pleasure of baking is to create food for friends and family.  And I love a challenge - low cholesterol, gluten free or the very specific birthday cake requests of my nieces, I'll have a go at anything.  It doesn't always work but even failures teach you something!

This website is an eclectic mix of things about me and baking.  It's a bit of a blog, an insight into the creative process, a gallery of things I'm happy to show off... oh and there are some recipes too.

I hope you find something here that you like.